C is for Coalition?

I offiially have a car starter on truck. I’m pretty excited, even though I don’t know how to use it. He gave me the instructions. “Audge; you push the button two times. Then, put the key into the ON position but DO NOT push the break. It will shut down your engine. You are good to go.”
Within 2 seconds, the car shuts off. He walks away shaking his head while I groan in the drivers seat. He looks back laughing. I wave and do the same thing again. Impressive.

The women at the office went crazy over my dog. Then I drove to work to drop off a work and the girls in the van went crazy over my dog.

During my shuttle ride back to the car dealership- the two men were talking politics and I listened in. I need to get with it. WTF is this coalition crap? God, only in Canada could someone NOT know, not CARE, and it wouldn’t matter. Either way, I plan to self-educate myself on this and give my opinion tommorow.


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