You say, tomato?

Well, WordPress had a new facelift. I promise on my love to my boyfriend to not switch websites/blogs for another year.

While we aren’t exactly THRIVING, we are definately irregularily thumping enough to survive. That sounded far too sexual then intended.

Next Christmas, I am asking for a brand new camera. My silly boyfriend works at a home inspection company and he has adapted to using my awesome kickin’ ass camera. So, I would show you the beautiful ice design on my window but I can’t— because he is taking his OWN pictures of windows.

That would be a really cool idea for a book. Just windows. Just different window designs. I’m sure you’d get bored within the first 2 pages but still.. windows, windows, windows!

I wouldn’t mind something like a pomegranate cream and sugar set either.. even tho it looks like a tomato too! Tomato, tamato, tamato!

Tomato/Pomegranate anyone?Anyways, I kind of like it. I’m not sure if I’m too wild about Pomegranates though…

Those fruits are exhausting from an ADHD person like me!


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