So you had a bad day?

Sometimes, I hate my job. On the days where the kids are pranking you by making you 1 inch from another parked car, or intentionally giving you wrong directions, or kids with babies freaking out at other kids because they are on the ‘more important’ list, but they take full advantage of this.

You also have a fever and a headache and a dry sore throat. Your stomach is screaming, ‘get me feed’ and your contacts are dry and ripping. You’ve smoked cigarettes but now, you just reek like them. Your co-workers are supportive but they have their own to deal with.

Hell, some co-workers are coconsirpiing against you and trying to label you as someone who can’t keep confidentiality. So, when bed is supposed to be your best friend, you toss and turn and think and ponder and analyze. You play out conversations with your boss even though you are 100% confident, you are still scared.

10:30am, your supposed to enjoy your coffee, but instead, your trying to call your boss before she sends on an email making you feel worse.

😦 lets hope today gets better.


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