Hello, my name is Audrey..

and I am a workaholic. My boyfriend wants to shoot me, my house is a mess, I did a graveyard last night and slept until 2pm. Said boyfriend enters my house.. ok, ok, for less dramatic sake, OUR house, and gives me the silent treatment.

Now would not be the time to tell him I work Christmas Eve night as well as Christmas Eve morning AND Christmas afternoon.

He glares at me. Definately not a good time. Fight ensures, I threaten him, he cuddles me, I fucked up.

I always do. It is impossibly hard for me to… rotate and balance and.. juggle..and live. If I were to be perfect everyone would be happy.

I knew it was just an arguement. Couples have them but its my fault and I know that. I’m home for maybe half the holidays and its our first X-mas together.

Last Christmas, we won’t even go there. What a friggin’ gongshow and he wasn’t.. well, he was already in that mess. We met a year ago yesterday at a wine party.

and I truly love him.


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