My Christmas

My Christmas started off with me running into my house at 7 in the morning screaming, “OMG OMG WAKE UP ITS CHRISTMAS. OH SHIT, I DIDN’T WRAP YOUR PRESENTS, GO BACK TO BED!”

—-Wrap his gifts. He won’t wake up without coffee. Make coffee. he wakes up. We decide to exchange our gifts together before going out. I’m in pajamas that don’t match and my hair is strewn out of sorts while he walks out in jeans and a designer shirt. His hair is even spiked. Uhm, right.

He sits across from me and I quickly throw one into his face before he has the chance to look at me and realize, ‘wow- she has last months supper on her shirt. awesome.’ He opens his dress shirt I bought him, it goes over well. Phew. He tosses me a gift. I tear it open. My face falls. What the hellis Z56 ENERGY BOOSTER for a car? “Oh- this is fantastic. Thank you.” I mumble. He bursts out laughing and tells me to open it. Ooooooh. Tricky son of a bitch eh?

Out comes the candles I wanted alongside an adorable baggy orange shirt I picked out. AHEM. THIS WOULD BE A NICE CHRISTMAS GIFT. sort of way.

Toss him the calendar he chose. He is shocked at the tickets for the Orchestra. He throws me Armani Perfume. I quickly spray it on like, 3 times.

He grins and throws me another one. Its as if we are playing football. I catch it, obviously. Two pairs of la senza pajamas. ❤ One of them has polar bears. The other, monkeys.

Run to his moms. I received: mixing bowls, hand mixer, an absolutely AWESOME cookbook that I am petrified to even touch, a cookie cookbook, two shirts, a Christmas Ortament Puzzlesque stature of a snowman I think?, two shirts, some cash that I doubt Usdm’ will share with me.. and thats all, I believe. I adore his parents.

Run to my moms, even with a fight on the way, we are still grinning at the doorstep. Exchange gifts while my stomach grumbles (I snacked on whatever the hell I could find), have some breakfast, and I then got the oddest rash in my eye. It wouldn’t stop aching. I fell asleep. Everyone goes in the room I’m sleeping in and begins watching a movie? WHAT THE HELL? I move to my moms room. Get woken up, driven home, and then after grabbing my own glasses, I’m at work.

What an awesome morning. It was one of a kind. I think that has to do with the fact that I’m not pressured to be 40 places at once. I felt stressed when I lived in Edmonton and used to come home for Christmas. This time I felt relaxed and carefree. Oh, I can’t meet you for coffee, catch you next time? Mmmm no, I think I will have a nap instead. Maybe tommorow.

I’m downing more coffee. My body is absolutely drained of all energy. I was more excited of sleeping in for boxing day then to go shopping.

….I’m obviously a very sleepy little girl.

xo, a.


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  1. P.

    Merry Christmas! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments…would love it if you linked to me!

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