Boxing Day=Awesome!

I had such a great afternoon. We woke up, braved the crowds, and I got my choo-choo train hat.


Walked home, it was only chilly when we ran over the bridge. Then we had the brilliant idea for a ‘sophisticated’ lunch.

We went to the Bulk Cheese Warehouse and purchased some aged goats cheese, and then some jalepeno havarti. Boyfriend grabbed some beer sausage while I ran to the local roastry (The Broadway Roastry) and snagged some to-die-for stuffed buns. I chose the chicken and my boyfriend chose beef. We ended up splitting them up afterwards and sharing. We proceeded in the cold to my moms condo where our laundry was being cleaned. Once there, we dined and it was absolutely awesome.



Last but not least, I also wore my beautiful+gorgeous tunic that my mother brought me from France.

024 xox, a.



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3 responses to “Boxing Day=Awesome!

  1. Ooh, cute cute. And YUMMY YUMMY!! 😀

  2. cute outfit! you’re making me hungry & thanks haha, bob marley is the best!

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