Apple Cinn. Muffins! Wanna know HOW?!


muffins-004Run to your local superstore. Grab a box of Apple Cinnamon muffin mix. Follow directions, be prepared for it to ask for milk, eggs, or oil. Perhaps a combination, I’m not sure. Read over the box before you purchase. Follow directions. Stuff in the oven while watching Kung Fu Panda. Set timer. Take out. Cool off and enjoy for breakfast tommorow morning. Get on with your life instead of bragging about making muffins from scratch and risking the possibility of being a pretensious Martha Stewart.




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2 responses to “Apple Cinn. Muffins! Wanna know HOW?!

  1. i found you through another blog and am interested in your page- cool and very hard job you have there. i look forward to hearing more. hope you feel better soon, too. fish oil worked miracles for me= it’s been shown to work as effectively as antideppresants on the brain. i take it in pill form every day.

  2. Yummy yummy. I’m so hungry now haha.

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