How is it that one figures out true love by actually observing the little things? Last night, my boyfriend and I got into a … huge argument. I was making demands, screaming, crying, the works. He was rational and calm, cool, collected. It pissed me off even more.

Finally it ended with me demanding his love or else; and he smirks and says, “Audrey, you will not ever find another who loves you as much as I do.” and walks away.

I was fuming furious. I wanted to be dramatic and throw a full glass of wine at the wall while screaming insults. Instead, I settled for just the crying hysterically, you would think I was filming for a soap opera the way I was carrying on. So tragic.

We made up, obviously. Fell asleep.

I woke up shivering. I had one blanket wrapped loosly around my body. Instantly, I felt his arms carry another heavier blanket across my chest. I groggily looked over into his closed eyes. He was still asleep? How did he do that? I fall back asleep.

While he makes dinner (my favorite pizza) and I ask what movie he wants to watch, he leans over the couch and hands me my plate that he prepared for me. He just shrugs and says, “Whatever you want.” I chose a love comedy- notorious chick flick. He cuddles me close.

Our dog, little Fenris, the dog he didn’t want…The dog he bought me because it would make me happy. The dog he instantly fell in love with as well, curls between us.

He is absolutely correct. I will never find another one who loves me as much as he did. Today- I realized its the pizza-handing, the pizza-making, the lack of movie-choosing, the shivering remedy boyfriend that makes my life so fantastic. I am a very lucky gal.



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3 responses to “l.o.v.e.?

  1. this is one of the most beautiful, adorable things i ever read.

  2. Fights are horrid but if they help you come to a conclusion like that – they are worth it! thanks for sharing, really lovely to read. xx

  3. That really is adorable. I hate chick flicks but I hope my bf would watch them if I did like them 🙂

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