Things about me;

1. Right now, I have an unbearable stomach ache.

2. I’m obsessed with death but not in a morbid sense, moreso a inquisitive mind.

3.As a little girl, I had the best imagination. I can remember sitting there, on my couch, for 12 hours, pretending it was a ship.

4. I adore coffee.

5. I am on a NO MSG diet. Fun.

6. I love my job but I struggle with internal issues regarding stuff I face daily.

7. My co-workers are my friends.

8. I love my new SUV. its pretty. I bought it with a dent.

9. My boyfriend tucks me into bed each and every night.

10. I sleep with a stugged shark.

11. I love going for walks with my dog. He makes me happy.

12. I once thought I was bipolar but I realize I’m just overly depressed.

13. I found out my depression started with a car accident my family got in, in Sept 2008. I almost lost them all.

14. My mom is my best friend. Shes white with red hair. Adorable.

15. I’m native but almost everyone I know asks me If I’m asian.

16. I wish I was taller with my long hair.

17. I get embarrassed shopping at La Senza because I have to go to the A section.

18. I don’t like to spend money on expensive clothes. I shop thrift and consignment.

19. My boyfriend has a fashion sense so well that he is a metrosexual. Most people just call him gay.

20. Trust me, he isn’t.

21. Our first time drinking, I got slammed and said, “If you ARE gay, let me know because… I love you.” Romantic, eh?

22. I know at my job we aren’t supposed to have favorite youth, but I secretly do. It doesn’t affect my job.

23. I live paycheck to paycheck. I hate those last 5 friggin days!

24. I have 24.00 in my bank account until Thursday. Blahhhh.

25. I love reading books, especially classics. I always go to SparkNotes.Com to assist me.

26. I want to return to school one day to finish my degree. Ew.

27. I am ADHD and don’t take medication but I don’t feel I need too. I have a job where energy is thrived upon.

28. Regardless, I’m addicted to coffee.

29. I wish I was dating Edward Cullen. *laugh*

30. I miss my dad more then words can say.

31. I wish my sister and her family.. well, I wish I was closer with them.

32. I struggle with feeling good about taking time off work and just enjoying my life. Workaholic I guess.

33. I’m petrified of my bosses but I also would happily call them my best ones yet!

34. When I really struggle with a kid and start getting frustrated and exhausted, I think of the ten seconds of the worst moment of their life. It rejuvenates me.

35. Working with kids is my life. I love them all.

36. I’ve been sent to the ER from attacks I’ve had from children.

37. I have a blackberry curve cell phone.

38. I love trash T.V but not dumb shit like Maury.

39. Although, sometimes, I want to download a Maury porno just to see what its like. Uncensored, I guess. I have NO clue why.

40. I like the free movie documentaries on my t.v

41. I want my boyfriend to be happy.

42. I want to move to Vancouver eventually.

43. I am pumped to do Yoga.

44. I’m scared that I’ll look like an idiot infront of everyone.

45. Sometimes, I worry about weird shit such as grease exploding in my face and being mutilated- will anyone still stand by me? dumb, I know.

46. I constantly wonder what my dads last thoughts were.

47. Sometimes, I hate blogging because everyone is so fabulous at it and I feel stupid. Then I remember, its my blog and its not a social contest. I just feel inferior I guess.

48. I want to save the world and recycle tons more.

49. My dog pissed on my duvet. It makes me sad.

50. It costs 30-40$ just to fix.


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One response to “Things about me;

  1. you are awesome.

    my dogs do stupid things like that too and it makes me so mad my eye twitches.

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