La Femme


Name: Audrey Lucille D. I’m french. . . Well, my full name is anyways.

AKA: Audge

D.O.B: August 19, 1986


Zodiac: Leo.

Nationality: Metis/German

Height: 5’2


Born Adopted to: Dave and Denise

Hair: Pixie Cropped, brown.

Eyes: Brown.

Occupation: Child and Youth Care Worker. I work for 2 Government positions, one daycare, and my fulltime job is for a agency that supports at-risk youth in every day struggles and challenges.

Drives: 2005 Santa Fe SUV, Silver

School: I went to Grant MacEwan College

Pets: Bichon/Shih Tzu puppy named Fenris.

Boyfriend: Mister Lover Lover is Usdm whose real name is Tyler.

Can’t live without: lipchap, blackberry, cashflow, and oxygen.

Can live without: egotistical people who think they are better then others.


One response to “La Femme

  1. You’re a nerd – I know this because I work with you.

    You have creative writing skills – I know this because I’ve read your blog.

    You’re refreshingly honest – I know this because it’s true.

    P.S. Stop looking in the toilet for your blackberry.

    P.S.S. Stop blogging and get to work.

    P.S.S.S. You work too much.

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