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Time: 9:57am






Wearing: White embossed hoodie, black tanktop, ‘silver’ jeans, white socks, brown boots.

Listening to: Boyfriend sleeping.. shhhhh…

To do: haul ass off computer chair and do budgetting.

love, audge and fenris.



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Rubber Duckie, I MUST have you!

So, without further anything, here are my MUST HAVES in the tubby!

 This is my favorite conditioner. It is about 20$ for 8oz but soooo WORTH IT. I don’t condition ALL the time as it tends to make my hair limp but this stuff, you could. I think the price tag has a little something to do with why I don’t 24/7…pd_conditionerlight

dove-energize-beauty-bar_1210861708_lrgI don’t know why this picture is so large with white but whatever. I absolutely love the feeling of this on my skin. I’m not so much a puff soap person. I can’t stand it. I’d rather have the bar. Weird, I know.    


This product is AMAZING. You use a dime size amount and it just does the job. Your face smells like cucumbers after.




This is my favorite shampoo. It is about 40$ for a liter but it is worth it. I guess I go high-end for my hair. It is by AG Hair  Cosmetics, and I have the ‘daily’ use.


This lotion is great. It smells like brown sugar and you have to custom order it by Beauti Control. You seriously smell… AMAZING. BUY IT. ASAP!brown20sugar20lotion

pd_spa_wisdom_monoi_miracle_oil_rpk1Yum in the bath. 2-3 drops in the tub, and just, relax. I HIGHLY (in the sense of if you don’t you are SO screwed) suggest putting your hair in a HIGH ponytail as if this mix touches it, your a greaseball!


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Merry Christmas- love a+u


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