Rubber Duckie, I MUST have you!

So, without further anything, here are my MUST HAVES in the tubby!

 This is my favorite conditioner. It is about 20$ for 8oz but soooo WORTH IT. I don’t condition ALL the time as it tends to make my hair limp but this stuff, you could. I think the price tag has a little something to do with why I don’t 24/7…pd_conditionerlight

dove-energize-beauty-bar_1210861708_lrgI don’t know why this picture is so large with white but whatever. I absolutely love the feeling of this on my skin. I’m not so much a puff soap person. I can’t stand it. I’d rather have the bar. Weird, I know.    


This product is AMAZING. You use a dime size amount and it just does the job. Your face smells like cucumbers after.




This is my favorite shampoo. It is about 40$ for a liter but it is worth it. I guess I go high-end for my hair. It is by AG Hair  Cosmetics, and I have the ‘daily’ use.


This lotion is great. It smells like brown sugar and you have to custom order it by Beauti Control. You seriously smell… AMAZING. BUY IT. ASAP!brown20sugar20lotion

pd_spa_wisdom_monoi_miracle_oil_rpk1Yum in the bath. 2-3 drops in the tub, and just, relax. I HIGHLY (in the sense of if you don’t you are SO screwed) suggest putting your hair in a HIGH ponytail as if this mix touches it, your a greaseball!



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How is it that one figures out true love by actually observing the little things? Last night, my boyfriend and I got into a … huge argument. I was making demands, screaming, crying, the works. He was rational and calm, cool, collected. It pissed me off even more.

Finally it ended with me demanding his love or else; and he smirks and says, “Audrey, you will not ever find another who loves you as much as I do.” and walks away.

I was fuming furious. I wanted to be dramatic and throw a full glass of wine at the wall while screaming insults. Instead, I settled for just the crying hysterically, you would think I was filming for a soap opera the way I was carrying on. So tragic.

We made up, obviously. Fell asleep.

I woke up shivering. I had one blanket wrapped loosly around my body. Instantly, I felt his arms carry another heavier blanket across my chest. I groggily looked over into his closed eyes. He was still asleep? How did he do that? I fall back asleep.

While he makes dinner (my favorite pizza) and I ask what movie he wants to watch, he leans over the couch and hands me my plate that he prepared for me. He just shrugs and says, “Whatever you want.” I chose a love comedy- notorious chick flick. He cuddles me close.

Our dog, little Fenris, the dog he didn’t want…The dog he bought me because it would make me happy. The dog he instantly fell in love with as well, curls between us.

He is absolutely correct. I will never find another one who loves me as much as he did. Today- I realized its the pizza-handing, the pizza-making, the lack of movie-choosing, the shivering remedy boyfriend that makes my life so fantastic. I am a very lucky gal.


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Jack Frost

and Fenris do not get along. Fenris doesn’t agree with the snow clinging to his paws. Fenris is a whiny baby also.

Jack Frost and I do get along. Even without make up and me looking out the window. Its just pure love. He hides my blemishes well. He is also in agreement that sometimes, your moms old 80-90’s vintage jewelary can compliment quite well.jackfrost-032jackfrost-033



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So my new medication is responcible for making me lose weight. Now, majority of women would be screaming, “hand me over THAT perscription!” but when you are 5’2 and 110lbs, rollercoastering down to 104lbs in 1 week is an extremely scary prediciment.

Its not that the medication is just melting away the weight. I just don’t feel ‘hungry.’ I am a grazer. Rarely do I enjoy 3 meals a day; moreso, 15 snacks and 2 meals. I’m constantly picking at foods, rummaging in the fridge, etc. I have always relied on my body to say, ‘oh, time for a carrot!”

So when you rely on your body messages and they cease coming to your brain, you are stuck with, ‘Fuck. I ate an orange all day. Shit- thats my stomach growling.’  Then you find yourself actually sitting cross legged in your panties infront of the fridge at 5 in the morning, just shoving what could be shit in your mouth, just so you don’t turn into the girl from Intervention.

Scary. I am too worried to go infront of a scale. Some days I eat, Some days I force myself to eat, and somedays, I simply forget. However, when my boyfriend hands me a box of Laura Secord Chocolates and says, “Its yours..AFTER dinner.”

I simply melt away into my little happy place.

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Fun Love <3

A-to tha- UDGE says:

i yelled at fenris and he got sad.

A-to tha- UDGE says:

he ate my muffin.

dO.ob I never fuck with anybody who didnt have it comin to them. says:


A-to tha- UDGE says:

so i told him that he was a very bad dumb dog.

A-to tha- UDGE says:


A-to tha- UDGE says:

i left to make coffee and he was on my desk and ate it.

A-to tha- UDGE says:

but i told him before i left that he wasnt allowed to touch it

dO.ob I never fuck with anybody who didnt have it comin to them. says:


A-to tha- UDGE says:

yes. bad dog.

dO.ob I never fuck with anybody who didnt have it comin to them. says:

look in a mirror

A-to tha- UDGE says:

did u just call me a dog?

A-to tha- UDGE says:

bad boyfriend.


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is the cutest dog ever. He is full of endless amounts of energy and when his little tail wags after not seeing you: it makes problems dissappear.

Today, I had to bring him to the vet for his second shots. Today, he is als three months old. The vet had my boyfriend preoccupy him with a treat and then she jabbed him in the rear with the needle. He proceeded with the treat while she pulled the needle out. Three minutes later, he begins whimpering and scampers to my boyfriend in a hurried, “Oh my god, she did something to my bum. Fix my bum, fix my bum!” We all laughed at his delayed response. Cutest dog ever.



Tonight; we are celebrating. For what? Nothing in particular. Just celebrating the fact we have good health, a good loving relationship, and an adorable puppy to join us in bed while we drink our wine.

Maybe I’ll also tell him that I want to move to Vancouver in 2 years. I think that would make a very happy lover.


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Apple Cinn. Muffins! Wanna know HOW?!


muffins-004Run to your local superstore. Grab a box of Apple Cinnamon muffin mix. Follow directions, be prepared for it to ask for milk, eggs, or oil. Perhaps a combination, I’m not sure. Read over the box before you purchase. Follow directions. Stuff in the oven while watching Kung Fu Panda. Set timer. Take out. Cool off and enjoy for breakfast tommorow morning. Get on with your life instead of bragging about making muffins from scratch and risking the possibility of being a pretensious Martha Stewart.



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