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My dog just ate a pencil. Lead poisoning anyone? Good work Fenris. You deserve the Darwin award…

I am getting a blackberry curve. I had asked for a deal and instead, I spent a night fighting with Rogers, on hold for over 4 hours, and actually SWORE (!) at a worker. Finally, I called back and just about burst into tears and for my troubles: new blackberry curve.

I was planning on buying it but the fact I got it free- I also got a iphone for my boyfriend for Christmas.

Today, at the mall, I got him some 170.00 tickets for gaming live. Its a concert type program where they can see live games on a huge ass screen but it plays to the music of the Saskatoon Symphony. Should be interesting- its not like I would know as I more then likely plan NOT to go.

I also got him a World of Warcraft calendar complete with the explanation of, “Its not for me. I don’t play this game. I’m not even a gamer actually. My boyfriend is. Kinda lame huh? Oh well, its DEFINATELY not for me…” She looked at me oddly.

And last but not least- I got him a dress shirt that looks feminine complete with a gift receipt incase he brings it back.

No sign of the quilt, *peers underneath the kitchen table which serves as a laptop table* annnnd Fenris seems to be … alive and… he is chewing on my chairs, trying to eat them whole.

Smart dog.


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My dearest Santa,

I want a train driver hat for Christmas really badly.

Exhibit A: My friend from Edmonton.











Exhibit B: My cousin from the states. Damn, this just goes to shows its fashionable!


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