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Time: 9:57am






Wearing: White embossed hoodie, black tanktop, ‘silver’ jeans, white socks, brown boots.

Listening to: Boyfriend sleeping.. shhhhh…

To do: haul ass off computer chair and do budgetting.

love, audge and fenris.



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is the cutest dog ever. He is full of endless amounts of energy and when his little tail wags after not seeing you: it makes problems dissappear.

Today, I had to bring him to the vet for his second shots. Today, he is als three months old. The vet had my boyfriend preoccupy him with a treat and then she jabbed him in the rear with the needle. He proceeded with the treat while she pulled the needle out. Three minutes later, he begins whimpering and scampers to my boyfriend in a hurried, “Oh my god, she did something to my bum. Fix my bum, fix my bum!” We all laughed at his delayed response. Cutest dog ever.



Tonight; we are celebrating. For what? Nothing in particular. Just celebrating the fact we have good health, a good loving relationship, and an adorable puppy to join us in bed while we drink our wine.

Maybe I’ll also tell him that I want to move to Vancouver in 2 years. I think that would make a very happy lover.


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Mister. BabyBaby

I’m taking a new medication. I’ve lost 6lbs in 2 weeks. This new medication makes me feel yucky. My dog threw up and I wish I could. That makes me sound anerexic but I’m not.

Snuggling with a baby in a warm bed is a fabbity fab way to wake up. Its one of my favorite ways to wake up!

I think I’m going to PetSmart today to buy him some stuff because I love him oh so much!

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My dog just ate a pencil. Lead poisoning anyone? Good work Fenris. You deserve the Darwin award…

I am getting a blackberry curve. I had asked for a deal and instead, I spent a night fighting with Rogers, on hold for over 4 hours, and actually SWORE (!) at a worker. Finally, I called back and just about burst into tears and for my troubles: new blackberry curve.

I was planning on buying it but the fact I got it free- I also got a iphone for my boyfriend for Christmas.

Today, at the mall, I got him some 170.00 tickets for gaming live. Its a concert type program where they can see live games on a huge ass screen but it plays to the music of the Saskatoon Symphony. Should be interesting- its not like I would know as I more then likely plan NOT to go.

I also got him a World of Warcraft calendar complete with the explanation of, “Its not for me. I don’t play this game. I’m not even a gamer actually. My boyfriend is. Kinda lame huh? Oh well, its DEFINATELY not for me…” She looked at me oddly.

And last but not least- I got him a dress shirt that looks feminine complete with a gift receipt incase he brings it back.

No sign of the quilt, *peers underneath the kitchen table which serves as a laptop table* annnnd Fenris seems to be … alive and… he is chewing on my chairs, trying to eat them whole.

Smart dog.

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I picked up some shifts at the daycare so I’m getting an extra 240$. When people ‘work their ass off’ its normally okay. When you work your ass off in my field- its dangerous. You are treading softly on 1. becoming burnt out. 2. hating your job. 3. making childrens lives worse instead of better. You are not just ‘exhausted’ from being on your computer and missing your social life.

I’m a little worried but the fact that I picked up shifts at the daycare makes me feel much better. Those kids don’t really require tons of talk therapy but just supervision. Plus, you get to munch out on the snack tray.

My poor puppy; I bit his tail last night harder then I thought I did and he yelped and my boyfriend put his hands in his face and muttered, “Oh Audrey…” I cried for about 30 minutes, feeling like the worst mother in the world. I got over it fairly fast when I realized Fenris stopped caring about 20-some minutes ago and was trying to pee on my duvet.

Didn’t I owe you something on the coalition? Eeeek.

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You say potato..er, tomato?

Well, WordPress had a new facelift. I promise on my love to my boyfriend to not switch websites/blogs for another year.

While we aren’t exactly THRIVING, we are definately irregularily thumping enough to survive. That sounded far too sexual then intended.

Next Christmas, I am asking for a brand new camera. My silly boyfriend works at a home inspection company and he has adapted to using my awesome kickin’ ass camera. So, I would show you the beautiful ice design on my window but I can’t— because he is taking his OWN pictures of windows.

That would be a really cool idea for a book. Just windows. Just different window designs. I’m sure you’d get bored within the first 2 pages but still.. windows, windows, windows!

I wouldn’t mind something like a pomegranate cream and sugar set either.. even tho it looks like a tomato too! Tomato, tamato, tamato!

Tomato/Pomegranate anyone?Anyways, I kind of like it. I’m not sure if I’m too wild about Pomegranates though…

Those fruits are exhausting from an ADHD person like me!

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C is for Coalition?

I offiially have a car starter on truck. I’m pretty excited, even though I don’t know how to use it. He gave me the instructions. “Audge; you push the button two times. Then, put the key into the ON position but DO NOT push the break. It will shut down your engine. You are good to go.”
Within 2 seconds, the car shuts off. He walks away shaking his head while I groan in the drivers seat. He looks back laughing. I wave and do the same thing again. Impressive.

The women at the office went crazy over my dog. Then I drove to work to drop off a work and the girls in the van went crazy over my dog.

During my shuttle ride back to the car dealership- the two men were talking politics and I listened in. I need to get with it. WTF is this coalition crap? God, only in Canada could someone NOT know, not CARE, and it wouldn’t matter. Either way, I plan to self-educate myself on this and give my opinion tommorow.

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