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is the cutest dog ever. He is full of endless amounts of energy and when his little tail wags after not seeing you: it makes problems dissappear.

Today, I had to bring him to the vet for his second shots. Today, he is als three months old. The vet had my boyfriend preoccupy him with a treat and then she jabbed him in the rear with the needle. He proceeded with the treat while she pulled the needle out. Three minutes later, he begins whimpering and scampers to my boyfriend in a hurried, “Oh my god, she did something to my bum. Fix my bum, fix my bum!” We all laughed at his delayed response. Cutest dog ever.



Tonight; we are celebrating. For what? Nothing in particular. Just celebrating the fact we have good health, a good loving relationship, and an adorable puppy to join us in bed while we drink our wine.

Maybe I’ll also tell him that I want to move to Vancouver in 2 years. I think that would make a very happy lover.



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