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I am having a hibernation day and I am absolutely loving revolving it around me!

After bundling up and driving across town at 7:30am and working for 4 hours, I met the love of my life in dollarama to pick up some bake tins. We then proceeded to Safeway grocery store to get some tasty fudge makin’ ingredients!

By the time we arrived to our overly priced apartment, we were frozen and happy to be there. I immediately dropped the drawers and proceeded having an ‘I’m in my underwear all day and I think I’ll lay on the couch” day whereas he wandered into his computer room to play games. I layed and did absolutely nothing, beside watch trash fashion T.V. I can’t get enough of Allana from “Australias Next Top Model”- so dramatic. Not to mention I was curled up with a pillow and blanket. To top it off, the sun was streaming in and it was warming me up. It was just pure relax mode from 2-4 in my place.

My boyfriend knows I’m a workaholic and rarely take days like this for myself. He kept out of my way and I stayed out of his. Even our dog seemed to know, ‘Behave or Mommy will slaughter you”- good boy!!!

I fell asleep from 4-7. Woke up and proceeded into the kitchen to make Fudge. Yum! While it was cooling, I made a hot bath, added some bubbles AND (!) bathsalts and just soaked. I mean, I did the washing and shaving bit, but I laid there and just … existed. Today, I wasn’t productive. Today, I didn’t work (much), and today was much needed.


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I picked up some shifts at the daycare so I’m getting an extra 240$. When people ‘work their ass off’ its normally okay. When you work your ass off in my field- its dangerous. You are treading softly on 1. becoming burnt out. 2. hating your job. 3. making childrens lives worse instead of better. You are not just ‘exhausted’ from being on your computer and missing your social life.

I’m a little worried but the fact that I picked up shifts at the daycare makes me feel much better. Those kids don’t really require tons of talk therapy but just supervision. Plus, you get to munch out on the snack tray.

My poor puppy; I bit his tail last night harder then I thought I did and he yelped and my boyfriend put his hands in his face and muttered, “Oh Audrey…” I cried for about 30 minutes, feeling like the worst mother in the world. I got over it fairly fast when I realized Fenris stopped caring about 20-some minutes ago and was trying to pee on my duvet.

Didn’t I owe you something on the coalition? Eeeek.

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